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It is a competitive escape game on the streets of Alicante. Up to 50 people separated into teams of 4-6 people in a tour and set of challenges type Escape Room.

Nowadays everyone has made or knows someone who has made an escape room, but if it is not your case I will tell you: It is a game of solving enigma after enigma, until you get out of a closed room. In this case, there is no room to escape from, if not a tour to complete through the city.

This route is very short, just 15 minutes on foot, the problem is that in order to move forward and know the location of the next stop, you will have to solve some kind of test.

Like all our games, this one also takes place on the street. The elements that will intervene in our enigmas are the same architectural elements of the city. Cathedrals, monuments, statues, etc.

Each team will have an exactly the same backpack with everything they need to complete the game in a maximum time of 90 minutes. This time you will not find anything on the way, nor will you have a guide to accompany you.

“If another team advances and yours does not, it is because they have been able to see something or reach some conclusion …”


The game consists of a tour of 4 stops, with a box to open and a small legend of the history of Alicante associated with each of them. Collaborate with the rest of your team to solve the puzzle and open the box. Once open, you will find a Gold Doubloon, a piece of map to guide you to your next stop and some objects that will allow you to solve the next puzzle. It is a linear game, you must open the boxes corresponding to the stops in order to advance.

The rest of the team will have to complete the same itinerary and the same tests as you. Which team will be the fastest to complete the tour and deliver the 4 Gold Doubloons?


MOBILE: It is not a mobile game, you do not need a mobile phone to play or guide you. To overcome the enigmas you will only need your ingenuity and cunning. As well as team collaboration.
ESCAPE: The game and all its tests are based on the “escape room” mechanics. Along the way you will find boxes, locks, keys and objects that you will have to manipulate to find the solution.



We remind you that due to the current situation, the use of MASK is MANDATORY to be able to participate in the game. We do not have protection material for sale, therefore, please, bring them from home or we will see you, very sorry, forced to cancel your participation in the activity.

Sanitized game

The game and all its components (newspapers, objects, boxes, locks, etc.) will be disinfected before and after each session to maximize security

Hydroalcoholic gel

In each session, we will give you a bottle of hydroalcolic gel.

Protective masks

Our Game Masters will use a mask at all times during the game.

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