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Malévola is a game for hens/stags and birthdays parties. It is designed for large groups of people looking for an alternative celebration and on the street for this special day.
It is a game on the street solving puzzle in a “escape room” style. You will form groups to compete among yourselves but always under the command of your leader (the protagonist of the event). Besides this, we incorporate a list of totally optional achievements and punishments to foster a festive atmosphere.
Will you be able to find the treasure of Malévola?


Malévola is specially designed for large groups; the maximum number of participants is 26 players. For that same reason, the minimum number of participants is 8 players. The price per person is 20€. The protagonist participates for free; it is a part of our gift.


MOBILE: It is not a mobile game, you do not need the phone to play or guide you around. To overcome the enigmas you will only need your wit and guile. As well as the team collaboration.
ESCAPE: The game and all its tests are based on the “escape room” dynamics. Along the way you will find boxes, locks, keys and objects that you will have to manipulate to find the solution.
COOPERATIVE: Once the groups are formed, you will collaborate with the protagonist (The Queen) to solve the enigmas and to progress.
COMPETITIVE: You will compete against the other groups for being the fastest resolving enigmas. Through a points system, the best team will win the challenge and get a “prize” along with The Queen.
1 PROTAGONIST: To favor that special day, we have created the role of The Queen. This person will have an essential role in the game, since she has full powers over all the participants. They must obey their wishes in every moment. Apart, it is the person, along with “The Hand of the Queen” that will guide the entire group through the way.
PARTY: We are on the street; we are many celebrating a special day. The social mechanics that we incorporate help to create that festive atmosphere. The protagonist has the power for  the game to become just an intellectual challenge or an authentic party.
ALCOHOL: It is not a game based on drinking or anything like it. But, being in the street you are free to do what you want and we like it to be that way. We recommend not drinking excessively because it hinders the skills necessary to solve riddles, but we understand that the time and place suggest it. As always, it depends on you!




We remind you that due to the current situation, the use of MASK is MANDATORY to be able to participate in the game. We do not have protection material for sale, therefore, please, bring them from home or we will see you, very sorry, forced to cancel your participation in the activity.

Sanitized game

The game and all its components (newspapers, objects, boxes, locks, etc.) will be disinfected before and after each session to maximize security

Hydroalcoholic gel

In each session, we will give you a bottle of hydroalcolic gel.

Protective masks

Our Game Masters will use a mask at all times during the game.

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